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   2014 IML WA General Meeting
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           2014 IML WA General Meeting Program


The 2014 IML Walking Associations General Meeting will be held in Daejeon, Republic of Korea as follows:

Date : 21–23 October, 2014 (3 days)

Venue : Hotel Interciti in Daejeon (www.hotelinterciti.com) 

Daejeon City, the venue of 2014 IML WA General Meeting, is placed just a two-hour drive away from the Incheon International Airport. Daejeon Metropolitan City is one of the top attractive cities for international tourists in Korea, where the second government complex of Korea is located. 

The accommodation and the General Meeting will at the Hotel Interciti in accordance with the attracted program. The Hotel Interciti is located in Yuseong-gu, Dajeon around famous hot springs. The Hotel Interciti a five star hotel in Daejeon, about half an hour away from both express bus terminals and train stations in Daejeon. 

For the delegates in the IML WA General Meeting, the Daejeon Metropolitan Government and the Korea Walking Federation will cover the expenses for lunch and dinner as well as the tourism and convenience expenses of 4 representatives from each country, which can be summed up to a total of 100 participants. 

Please kindly refer to the attached documents and register to our secretariat by 10 August, 2014.


 Timetable Overview


Oct. 21.(Tue)

17:00                     Arrival at Interciti Hotel

18:00                     Welcome in the hotel and dinner


Oct. 22.(Wed)

07:00                     Stroll and/or breakfast

09:00~12:00       IML WA General Meeting

12:00                     Lunch

13:00~15:00      Continuation IML WA General Meeting

15:00                    Coffee / Tea Break

15:30~17:00      Continuation IML WA General Meeting

18:00~22:00      Welcome Dinner hosted by the mayor of Daejeon City


Oct. 23.(Thu)

07:00                    Stroll and/or breakfast

09:00~12:00      Continuation IML WA General Meeting

12:00                    Lunch

13:00~15:00     Continuation IML WA Genera Meeting

15:00                    Coffee / Tea Break

15:30~17:00     Closure of the IML WA General Meeting

18:00~22:00     Gala Dinner hosted by the president of DIME

                               * DIME:  Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise


Oct. 24. (Fri)

07:00                   Stroll and/or breakfast

09:00~12:00     City Tour

12:00                    Lunch

14:00~16:00     Departure to Wonju (2hrs by bus)


During the General Assembly, Daejeon City will operate a welcoming booth to entertain all participants to experience Korean Culture.


Korea Walking Federation(email) : walking.kwf@gmail.com or



How to get to the City of Daejeon from Incheon International Airport

KTX Time Required :  Total minimum 2 hrs. 10 to maximum 2 hrs. 20 mins. driving

  -  Route : Incheon International Airport (43 mins. by Express Train; 53 mins.
       by Non-express Train)
Seoul Station for KTX (1 hr by KTX) Daejeon Station (25 mins. by taxi; 23 mins.
       From  Daejeon Station to Yuseong Spa Station by subway plus 7 mins. from Exit 7 by foot )
 Hotel  Interciti

2 Limousine Bus Time Required : Total minimum 3 hrs. to maximum 3 hrs. 50 mins. driving

  -  Route : Incheon International Airport (3 hrs. 20 mins by limousine bus at the 1st floor 9D
 Daejeon Dongbu Intercity Bus Terminal  (25 mins. by taxi) Hotel Interciti

3. Airport limousine bus (Gate 9D) Timetable
  -  06:00,20,40,50 / 07:00,20,30,50 / 08:00(Sejong),10,25,50 /09:10,30,40,50 / 10:10,20,40 /

     11:00,20,50 / 12:20,40 /13:00,20(Sejong),40 / 14:10,40 / 15:10,40 / 16:10,30,50 /

   17:10,30,50 / 18:10,30(Sejong),40 / 19:00,20,30,40 / 20:00,20,50

4. Fare

  -  Incheon Airport Daejeon : KTX (30,000, $28.1), Bus (23,100, $21.57)

  -  Daejeon Station & Government Complex Hotel Interciti :

  -  Subway (1,100, $1.03), Taxi (4,000, $3.73)